St Peter’s is a vibrant, caring and personal school of 400 boys and girls.

Each student is valued and cared for as an individual

  • A happy and safe school experience is assured for all by a sound disciplinary system, which emphasises the positive within our Christian ethos and values.
  • A love of learning and study is promoted and this underpins a tradition of excellent examination results for each according to his, or her, own potential.
  • Our wide curriculum, up to date facilities and other resources ensure that the talents and abilities of each person are nurtured.
  • A creative range of extra curricular activities, with an emphasis on participation, has led to many exciting and outstanding achievements. Students are very much engaged in the busy life of the school.
  • Our dedicated and well qualified staff is ably supported by an excellent partnership with our Parents Association and Pupils Council.
  • It is our ultimate aim that all our students will go on to be well qualified, resourceful, self-confident and thoughtful young men and women.