Extra Curricular Activities 18/19


Sport / Activity





Media Club


Ms. Hanley


Amber Flag


Ms. Hanley & Ms. McGovern


First Year Boys Soccer


Mr. O Keeffe


Under 15 Boys Soccer


Mr. McSweeney


Senior Boys Soccer


Mr. Loftus


Girls Under 17 Soccer


Mr. Loftus


Young Scientist Competition


Mr. Hurley


PE Expo


Mr. O Keeffe


Basketball Senior Girls


Mr. O Keeffe


Track & Field Athletics


Mr. McSweeney & Mr. O Keeffe


Girls Kickboxercise


Mr. McSweeney




Mr. Fitzgerald


Poetry Aloud


Ms. Wallace


French Club


Ms. O Donovan & Ms. Walsh




Mr. O Connor


Orienteering (1st & 2nd years)


Mr. O Keeffe


Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activites to support their learning in class. These activites contribute to developing team-building skills and enhancing students’ social skills. This is an important aspect of school life. Students learn how to interact with each other outside the classroom enviroment and develop strong bonds and friendships.

Students are encouraged to set up clubs and societies from time to time with the assistance of their teachers.