Arrangements for 3th Year Pre Exams

Students are to be in their exam centres at 9 am each morning. They will study until the starting time for their exams. All morning exams (except Wednesday) are timed to finish at 12 noon. Students must remain in their centre until 12. If finished early, they can study for a later exam once they have their exam handed up. If a student does not have an exam in the afternoon, they may leave at the end of the morning exam.

Break will be from 12.00 to 12.38. 3rd  years will stay in GPA during break

All afternoon exams start at 12.38. Students may leave exams from 14.38. . If finished before 14.38, they can study for a later exam once they have their exam handed up. Students may leave school after this time. If students are remaining in school to wait for buses, they must stay in the GPA. Students need not attend on mornings or afternoons that they do not have an exam

3rd  Year exam centres are in A03, B03 and D03.

Mobile phones or any devices capable of connecting to the internet are not permitted in exam centres. If students bring any devices to school, they must place them in an assigned locker before their first exam and collect them when leaving after finishing final exam of the day. Students will not have access to their lockers during the break between exams.. Any student found with a device in an exam centre may have that exam cancelled.