On the 16th of November, forty-seven students from First and Second Year made the trip to Doneraile National Park to compete in the Cork Schools Orienteering League Event No. 2. Daragh Lehane led St. Peter’s participants with a time of 18.48.00 minutes in the first league event in Farran Woods. Students were eager to complete the course as quickly as possible having got to grips with map reading, pacing and thumbing the map.

For the Boys course, Dillon Patterson completed the course the quickest of all St. Peter’s students in a time of 26.39.00 and finished 9th in his category. Other notable times among the boys were Emmet Stapleton (12th), Denis O Brien (13th) and Jack Sheehan (15th) who completed the course in times between 27 and 28 minutes.

For the Girls course, Ozioma Mbakwe finished in 16th with a time of 47.24.00. Other girls who completed the course quickly include Isabella Omaba (18th), Brianna O’Donovan (20th) and Ava Rose Ryan (23rd).

Well done to all St. Peter’s students who participated in the event and signs are promising that St. Peter’s will continue to improve and progress in Orienteering.