Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The new school year for students begins as set out below for the different year groups.

Congratulations are due to our Leaving Cert students on the excellent results achieved this year.   As always a special welcome will be given to our new first years. There are a number of important matters regarding the new school year I wish to draw to your attention.


The new school year will commence with an induction session for each year group as follows:

Class Groups Date August 2018 Time
5th and 6th Years Monday 27th 10am – 11am
3rd and 4th Years Tuesday 28th 8.50am – 9.50am
1st and 2nd Years Wednesday 29th 8.50 am – 10.15am
All Classes Thursday 30th 8.49am – 3.38pm


The structure of the school day is as follows:


Monday ,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.49am-3.38pm

10.56am-11.11am (morning break)

1.07pm-1.42pm (lunch break)

Wednesday 8.49am-1.07pm

10.56am-11.11am (morning break)


Students must remain in school for both the morning and lunch breaks. Students will not be given permission to leave school for lunch.



It is important that students of St. Peter’s wear the official school uniform to, during and from school. Parents are asked to send their son/daughter to school in the official school uniform and not wear facial jewellery or have inappropriate hair colouring as agreed in the Code of Behaviour.

Wearing non-uniform items such as runners, jackets and sports shirts are not acceptable. Your co-operation in this matter is much appreciated as the uniform regulations will be strictly enforced and students not wearing the official uniform may be sent home.


A student service charge of €60 must be paid by all students who are not in the book rental scheme. This fee is for a locker, lock, diary, insurance and photocopying. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) that have not already paid this fee or the Book Rental Charge must pay in August before the stated items are given to the student(s).


Following lengthy research and whole-staff discussion we have decided to trial a one-hour timetable

for the academic year 2018/19.

There are many reasons that we as a school have decided to make this change, however the most significant reason is to improve the teaching and learning experience for all our students.

By introducing one hour classes we aim to:

  • Facilitate a more active learning environment for all students
  • Create more interactive classrooms that are student centred
  • Improve group and peer learning
  • Facilitate inclusion of varied methodologies
  • To increase inquiry based learning
  • To allow for learning methodologies that will facilitate the roll out of the new Junior Certificate subject specifications


Increasingly teachers are introducing innovative and active learning methodologies to the classroom. One of the biggest constraints to active learning is the lack of time available within a 40 minute class. Over the past year we have examined the impact of one hour classes in schools that have already introduced such a timetable. We have also spoken to our students and our research leads us to believe that the main advantages of a longer class are that:

  • Students take more responsibility for their learning and are more active in their learning.
  • Students are more focused.
  • Students are less stressed as they only have 6 class periods per day as opposed to 9.

As part of this reorganisation, we will start each day with an 11 minute assembly for each year group. This will focus on student presentation – engagement in school, pastoral care and wellbeing hence it will be referred to as Student Wellbeing Time (SWT). For practical reasons the exact length of the class period will be 58 minutes duration.

The structure of the school day will be as follows:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu  
8.49 –   9.00 SWT – Student Wellbeing Time
9.00 –   9.58 Class
9.58 – 10.56 Class
10.56 – 11.11 Break
11.11 – 12.09 Class
12.09 –   1.07 Class
1.07 –     1.42 Break
1.42 –     2.40 Class
2.40 –     3.38 Class


8.49 –   9.00 SWT – Student Wellbeing Time
9.00 –   9.58 Class
9.58 – 10.56 Class
10.56 – 11.11 Break
11.11 – 12.09 Class
12.09 –   1.07 Class



Extensive work took place over the summer break in St Peter’s. A major upgrade to the school in terms of energy efficiency was undertaken. A new computer room and library were installed to enhance the learning environment in the school.



As you may be aware, road diversions are in place in Passage West, as works continue on the Lower Harbour Drainage Project. These works should be completed by the 7th September 2018. A shuttle bus service to the school will operate from the Ferry bus stop and the Rochestown Inn bus stop. Further details will be posted on the school website as they become available.


I want to thank parents/ guardians for their ongoing support of the school and encourage parents to participate as much as possible in school activities.


Derek Dunne