The Allingham Festival Competitions are national writing competitions which are designed to recognise and reward talented writers. of poetry and flash fiction.

As part of their poetry module  two talented young writers wrote beautiful poems which their teacher, Mr. G. Murphy, entered in the competition.

Not only were our two of our second year students selected on the Allingham Poetry Short list they were awarded first and third place in the 1st & 2nd year section.

First place: ‘Wind’ by Gabriela Kanjrec and ‘Solitude’ by Chethana Anand.


Water, water everywhere

Treading water here and there

From the ship that I have fallen,

I drift away with my clothes all sodden

I stroke slowly, like I learned in class

My will power is as fragile as glass

Floating in the cold, treacherous sea

I wonder what it will do to me

No ship, no raft, no plane, no land

This vacation is not going as planned.


But here I am, I have found land

Here I am, surrounded by sand

I think about my wife and son

On this island, I’m the only one

How will I escape now?

I will have to figure that out somehow…


Chethana Anand



‘I can feel the wind in my hair’

My brother said,

Riding his blue bicycle

Down the green country lane.


Tears burn my nose

As I look at him now

Shrieks rip from my lips

As his toes prod the ledge.


‘I can feel the wind in my hair’

He murmurs as he falls through the air.

Gabriela Kranjec