First Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Ailis – Reading – Writing Task: Read the three model formal letters – using two letters list the features of these letters that make them good. Then revisit your own letter and revise & edit. // Ardal- Newspaper Report task on Teams
Irish Write a paragraph on mo theach thus revising this chapter. Ardal: Laethanta Saoire and sentences on handout to complete using the aimsir fháisinteach
Maths Chp 14 Equations (Powerpoints 3 and 4) on Teams Questions from Text & Tests 1 – all first years
French Ailis: Textbook pg 171 ex 1 + 2 and work following online class (LOD)
Science Assignment on teams, revise notes on measurement + ch.28 and complete revision worksheet on measurement
History The Impact of the Voyages of Exploration.Answer questions on Slide 22 and complete sentences on slide 29, Power point on teams.  Further assignment on Teams after online lesson.DQ
Geography Rivers and People – Case Studies
Opt 1 Business: Live class on Tues 11-12/ Worksheet on entrepreneurs with questions on team JOB/  M T Wood- Assignmnet 4 teams-Leaf tracing & research JF
Opt 2 Still life drawing. MT  Engineering Benchwork- Assignment on Teams (JOC)

Second Year

Subject Work Assigned
English achoimre a scríobh ar Spás DOC  (English: Film studies related quesions in text book Page 414 to 418 ER class)
Irish Póstaer a dhéanamh ar chaitheamh aimsirí -info. on teams HL LOD Paragraph on Caitheamh Aimsirí (OL) JCN
Maths Questions on Patterns on Teams KF (OL) / Graphing Functions Powerpoints and Quiz on Teams KL (HL)/  Revision of Circle and Cylinder Assignment on Teams… 1 more to TBC (JOC) O.L.
French Lorcan:Textbook pg 159 Ex 21 + Pg 166/167 Q.1-8 LOD.Ex 5&6 pg 143ex7pg144DQRevision ex. Pg 168/169/176 MOM
Science Assignment on teams, revise circulatory system and complete worksheet (DH)> New topic Photosynthesis and respiration . relevant questions assignes each day at end of lesson(JC)
Geography Liadhán: Soils PowerPoint on Teams – SQ – Secondary Ecoomic Activities ppt and task on teams. HN Labhran Soils of Ireland questions and exercises to complete in textbook and activity book.
History Complete work sheet on teams assignment. Assignment on 1916 will be discussed in online class.DQ. PowerPoint on Easter Rising + Complete worksheet on Teams. Mr O’Keeffe.
Opt 1 M T Wood- Assignment 6 Teams- Research/furniture sketching. JF
Opt 2 Do a detailed drawing of an object based on your theme. (MT) Tech Graph- 3 Assignments Q10, 11 and 12 on O.L Shorts (JOC)

Third Year

Subject Work Assigned
English / Write a personal response to a sonnet of your choice (Consider the success criteria on teams) Film studies ER (Karate Kid and Camera angles)
Irish Scríobh alt ar chóisir a bhí agat do do bhreithlá(OL) LOD /Scríobh blag ar”Caitheamh Aimsirí” (HL) JCN
Maths Ord 2019 Paper 2 (KL),   Higher 2017 Paper 2 and powerpoint and questions on congruent triangles on Teams KF HL)
French Pg 42 Exam papers/translate questions Pg 22,46,70,94 Ex. Papers MOM
Science Assignment on teams, complete Sample paper B section B (DH). Questions on Chemical Reactions given at end of each lesson. (JC)
History Poltitics in Ireland – 1945 to 1959 – Complete questions and source analysis on Teams. Mr O’Keeffe.
Geography Desertification causes and consequences pg 111 and 112 nh SQ- River exam questions
Opt 1 M T Wood- Assignment 6 Teams- Research/furniture sketching. JF Business Studies – Complete wage slip question on OneNote Homework tab (UMC)
Opt 2  Finish poster. (MT) Metalwork Chp 9 Fitting and Assembly 2 Assignment on Teams (JOC)
Coding Finish CBA KF, KL

Fourth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Reading Comprehensions on Social media (studyclix)
Irish Scríobh alt ar an deireadh seachtaine seo caite (OL) LOD/ Alt a scríobh ar An rud is mó a thaitin liom san Idirbhliain (HL)JCN
Maths Algebra Surd and Modulus Equations with Exam Qs on Teams (KL)/co-ordinate geometry of circle questions on Teams (JB)
French Complete Work sheet on les vacances on teams.DQLa Musique Francophone Ex online/Copy MOM
Opt 1 Geography- Work assigned on Microsoft Teams
Opt 2 Drawing instructions on Onenote. MT
Opt 3
Opt 4 Physics – problems on reflection on concave and convex mirrors in Teams (JB)
Gmetrix Progress Update- Assignment on Teams (JOC)

Fifth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Reading Comprehension Questions on Studyclix / Notes – prep for Poetry Comparative task/2005 text 2 visual image q nh
Irish Ceist ar “Cáca Milis” (OL) JCN Scrudu Beil Prep Work & Ceapadoireacht/Leamhthuiscint on ‘An Comhshaol agus Athru Aeraide’ (HL) HN
Maths  work assigned on teams (geometry) MD
French Comprehension pages 101 and 102.DQ Catch up on prev. assig. not completed MOM
Opt 1 Physics : Problems on wave nature of light and waves experiments –> details on Teams (JB)/Geog nh Pg 246 Examine the physical factors of the BMW region. Business Q in One Note Homework tab (UMC) Geo HL – Paris Basin Economic Activities
Opt 2 Notes on Georgian Architecture on Onenote.  MT. Complete the first draft of Outline Plan for History Research Project. Mr O’Keeffe. Engineering Chp 22 Drilling on Brighterminds Book- Assignment on Teams (JOC) Accounting -Q1 HL Tab Statement pg 481 text book (UMC)
Opt 3 Biology – Questions in Textbook on page 329 – circulatory system. (DH) Construction Studies- Workbook chapter 20- Universal design. Use PowerPoint slides to fill in missing detail/sketches. JF Chem work assigned during online classes
Applied Maths Problems on Newtons Laws and pulley systems –> details on Teams (JB)

Sixth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Poetry of Emily Dickinson Questions – Comparative notes on Cultural context/Social Setting/ Poerty question on My Father Long Dead (OL)JCN
Irish Questions from the exam papers    Revision work from the 2015 exam papers(HN)/ Ceist ar “Dís” (OL)JCN
Maths Proof by Induction on Series + Exam Questions on Teams KL (HL)/Revision questions on Algebra (OL) Revision questions on numbers and percentages (FL) –> on Teams (JB), 2017 Paper 2 KF(OL)
French Questions on teams following online classes LOD HL.Pre paper 2017 Complete inc audio MOM
Opt 1 Physics :Revision Questions on Forces and Motion (HL) Revision Questions on Chapters 10-11 (OL)–> on Teams(JB) History: Essay on Mussolini Materiel to be covered in online class and assignment and resources on  teams.DQ
Opt 2 Biology (DH) Exam Paper Questions outlined on Teams. Construction JF Assignment 4 & 5 Teams -2012 Exam paper.

Geog H level Revision Overpopulation (the sahel),Historic Settlement on an OS map

OL Geography 2010 Exam Paper. Biology (JC) =  Section A Questions on Monocots and Dicots. Practice sketching  diagrams indicated in lesson. DCG Extension to 2020 2nd Pre-Paper- Assignment on Teams (JOC) Accounting : Marginal Costing Question in OneNote Homework tab. (UMC)

Opt 3 Business: Question in OneNote homework tab.   Art history question on Raphael. MT Chem work will be assigned during online classes.MD
Applied Maths L.C. and pre questions on differential eqautions –> on Teams (JB)