First Year

Subject Work Assigned
Maths Revision of Shape and Geometry chapters – powerpoints on Teams
Geography OneNote tasks and answer questions 7-13 in Workbook page 62 and 63
Opt 1 M.T.Wood- Assignment 2 Teams JF.
Opt 2 MWork Plastics&Wood Chp+PPT+Qus Assign on Teams (JOC)

Second Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Blood Brothers read and answer questions on OneNote SQ
Irish Assignment on ‘an saol traidisiúnta’ LOD(HL)
Maths Circles (Area) Assign-Teams (O.L.) JOC / Algebra Solving Revision and Exam Questions on Teams KL (HL)
French dialann a choimeád ar feadh cuig lá sa tseachtain. HL DOC
Science Questions on human reproduction chapter.  Asked to make a list of terms used and their meaning.
History PowerPoint on “Rise of Nationalism/Unionism” on Class Notebook + Worksheet on Teams (Mr O’Keeffe).
Geography Labhran-Soils-Problems & Solutions (Work in Main & Activity Book) HN Lorcan- Climate change research assignment on Teams SQ
Opt 1 M.T.Wood Assignment 2& 3 Teams- JF.
Opt 2 TGraph-Ellipses&Isometric Assign-Teams (JOC)

Third Year

Subject Work Assigned
Irish Scríobh alt ar ‘timpiste a bhí agat’ LOD (OL)
Maths 2018 Paper 1&2 KF (HL) / Pre Paper 2 2016 posted on teams KL (OL)
French LWH – Listening sample paper on OneNote MOM  Listening Edco 2019
Science Science:(JC) Questions on electrical calculations , ohms, volts and amps using  E=IxR .These are given at end of lesson DH – Sample paper A – section B
History PowerPoint – The Emergency on Class Notebook and worksheet on Teams (Mr O’Keeffe).
Geography Rivers Revision on OneNoteand exam questions (SQ) Revision of Earthquakes, Soil and Tourism nh
Opt 1 M.T.Wood Assignmnet 2 &3 Teams+Portfolio JF.
Opt 2 MWork 2nd Pre-Paper (H+O) Assign on Teams (JOC). Home Economics (HL) 2014, SB, Q2; (HL) 2016, SB, Q2

Fifth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English 2019 Paper 1 question a from one of the texts nh
Irish Aiste-Fadhbanna Daoine Oga/Learn Sraith Pictiuiri 1-4 (HL) HN
Maths Complete revision of Algebra Chps and Exam Paper Questions on Teams/Questions on probability –> details and powerpoints in Teams (JB)
Opt 1 Geo- Online Class Monday 1pm Paris Basin intro ppt and questions on Teams and OneNote /Geog OL Examine both Tourism and Transport in the GDA nh/Physics : questions on waves in strings and pipes –> details in teams (JB)
Opt 2 Accounting – Club account and Flexible budget question OneNote (UMC)Engineering: Brighterminds Video Revision Review -Teams Assign(JOC).  PowerPoint – Hitler’s Foreign Policy on Class Notebook and Worksheet on Teams (MrO’Keeffe)
Opt 3 Construction – Assignment 2&3 Teams JF. Biology – Textbook page 314 Qs 1-10 and Exam style Qs 1 – 2.
Applied Maths Questions on simultaneous situations –> details in Teams(JB)

Sixth Year

Subject Work Assigned
Irish Revision Work from Exam Papers covering Cluastuiscinti/Scealta/Litreacha/Trialacha Tuisceana/Pros/Filiocht for 2011/2012/2013 HN (OL)
Maths 2018 Exam Paper 1&2 KF (OL) / Revision Functions Differentiation Integration Long Qs on Teams KL (HL)/ Calculus problems (OL) Enlargements and symmetry revision (FL) JB –>details on Teams
French LWH – Journal intime Q. Resources to help on OneNote  MOM  Pre Paper 2017 Written/Audio (OL) – LOD HL – Questions assigned in online classes
Opt 1 Geography OL (EH) 2017 Exam Paper Geog H Level Examine Irelands population trends since the 1950’s nh/ Physics(JB) Electricity experiments 20-22(both levels) Mechanics exam questions (OL) SHM exam questions (HL)–> details in Teams.
Opt 2 Biology (DH) – Exam paper Qs on Teams. DCG Assignments on Teams 2nd Pre-Paper H.L.&O.L.  (JOC)
Opt 3 Home Economics (HL) 2014, SB, Q2, (HL) 2015, SB, Q2; (OL) 2011 SB, Q2, (OL) 2013, SB, Q2
Applied Maths Differential equations problems and exam questions (JB) details on Teams