First Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Ailis: Formal letter and 30 mins reading daily // Ardal: Work assigned in Teams- Review of “Wilderness”
Irish Ardal: Write a piece about a holiday you have been on (laethanta saoire)
Maths Chp 14 Equations (Powerpoints 1 and 2) on Teams Questions from Text & Tests 1 – all first years
French Ailis: Project on French food on teams / Ardal: page 152-153, work on Teams/Onenote
Science Revise notes on living things + cells and complete revision worksheet in the assignments tab – all first years
History The Portuguese and Spanish Explorers. Assignment on Teams to be done after online class. Mr Barry’s History.  Age of Exploration Intro.  Complete Worksheet on Teams.
Geography Rivers Activities on OneNote
Opt 1 Business: Read notes on underinsurance and complete worksheet/  MT Wood JF- Revise hand tools chapter 17. Link to quiz on teams. Draw in 3D a Marking gauge. Label the sketch and explain its purpose/how it’s used etc.
Opt 2 Drawing of a kitchen utensil. MT Engineering Chapter 4 H&S Assignment on Teams (JOC)

Second Year

Subject Work Assigned
English OL – Diary Entry – How I spend my day/ Mokst dramatic Day in the last month (ER Film studies Continued) HL- Blood Brothers ppt on Teams and OneNote Actvity (SQ)
Irish Scríobh leathanach ar an bpearsa spóirt is fearr liom ( Write a page on favourite sports person) HL LOD. Diary entry on the Weekend. (OL) JCN
Maths Higher Chp 19 Functions – powerpoints on Teams Questions from Text & Tests 2 (KL), Patterns Video and Worksheets on Teams KF(OL) Circles/Cylinders Area and Volume Chp 17 T&T2 -Assignments on Teams (JOC)
French Les Pays et les Nationalitiés. Ex 5& 6 page 143. Ex 7 Pg 144.DQ   LOD – Les vacances pg 144 Ex 7, pg 162 Ex 25 & pg 164 Ex 26 -pick one
Science Revise notes on the Digestive System and complete worksheet in assignments tab(DH). Questions on gentic crosses (JC)
History Easter Rising (Powerpoint on Class Notebook). Complete worksheet Miss Stout on Teams. Mr O’Keeffe.Rise of Unionism and Nationalism power point and assignment on teams. DQ MOM
Geography Liadhán: Soils PowerPoint on Teams SQ Climate Change work on Teams  Class Labhran- Soils of Ireland-Chapter 14-Work in Text & Activity Book
Opt 1 LWH Business. 2 tasks on Teams and OneNote ///Revise hand tools chapter 17. Link to quiz on teams. Draw in 3D a Marking gauge. Label the sketch and explain its purpose/how it’s used etc.
Opt 2 dialann a choimeád ar feadh cuig lá sa tseachtain. HL DOC    Drawing using colour. MT Tech Graph Short Questions Q7,8 & 9 – Assignments on Teams (JOC)

Third Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Shona – Find a sonnet – explain whether it is Shakespearean/Petrarchan/Combination ER Class Film studies questions from p.410 -p.425 in book
Irish Scríobh alt ar ‘timpiste a bhí agat’ LOD (OL)  Summary on Cúpla (HL) JCN
Maths Ord 2019 Paper 1 (KL), 2017 Paper 1 KF(HL)
French LWH – Pg 200 Q1-10 and write 5 sentences. Instructions on Teams and OneNote
Science DH – Exam papers – complete section A of sample paper B. Questions from papers on  electricity calculations given in Class notebook at end of lessons done.(JC)
History “Politics in Ireland” PowerPoint on Student Notebook + asssignment on Teams “Ireland 1932 to 1951”. Mr O’Keeffe. Mr Barry – Plantations Revision and Exam Questions on topic.
Geography Urbanisation Revision and exam questions  SQ- Rivers Revision on OneNote /Climate  – Hot Desert pg 109 instructions on teams nh
Opt 1 MTW JF- Revise hand tools chapter 17. Link to quiz on teams. Portfolio – Continue with portfolio and submit into teams/ Portfolio assignment 4 / Business – Question in OneNote homework tab.
Opt 2 1st draft of ideas for posters. MT Metalwork Chapter 11 Section on Heat Treatments – Assignment on Teams (JOC)

Fourth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Book Project – Read and take notes (See Assignments in Teams for details) Also Reading Comprehensions from Studyclix
Irish Blag ar Cheolchoirm HL JCN
Maths Algebra Chp 2 Qs from Text & Tests 6 KL (HL)/co-ordinate geometry of circle questions on Teams (JB)
Opt 1 Geography- Work assigned on Microsoft Teams
Opt 2 Drawing of an object in your kitchen. MT
Opt 3
Opt 4 Physics – problems on reflection on curved mirrors in Teams (JB)
Gmetrix Please see email on how to do Gmetrix from home.

Fifth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English HL Comparative task 2 poems. Key Quotes 3 poems: Theme, imagery, Favourite other line./HL nh Compose an essay from  the 2017 paper instructions given on teams!
Irish Question on Colscaradh                 (HL) Scrudu Beil Preparation and Triail Tuisceana to complete (HN)
Maths HL Applications of Differentiation Powerpoints on Teams and questions from Text & Texts 7 (KL)
French LWH – Listening activity – Resources on Teams and OneNote
Opt 1 Geo- Paris Basin Primary Economic Activities on Teams/ Physics : Questions on wave nature of light –> details on Teams (JB)/ Business- Question on One Note from work done in live class on Thursday (UMC)/Geog OL Map work questions on Teams nh
Opt 2 Completing Hitler’s Foreign Policy (Powerpoint slides 13-24) and worksheet on Microsoft Teams, Mr O’Keeffe.  ART notes on the Book of Kells and art history question. MT/ ACCOUNTING- Question on OneNote after live class on Wednesday (UMC) Engineering Brighterminds Chapter 34 Robotics – Assignment on Teams (JOC)
Opt 3 Biology – Questions in Textbook on page 329 – circulatory system.  Construction JF- Assignmnet 4 Teams- Chapter 18-Accessibility. Read and answer Practice Qs 1-4 pg. 300 (Get Constructive book). Available online at
Applied Maths Problems on Newtons Laws and Forces –> details on Teams (JB)