First Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Interview parent/grandparent about a poem he/she learnt in school. Read – new novel. Widerness – Character description. (Ailís – LW) Ardal- Writing Assignments on Teams
Irish Essay on timpiste a tharla dom
Maths Applications of Algebra to Area & Perimeter Powerpoints in Teams + Quiz
French Ailis:Assignment on Teams (la ville – project on your town)
Science Assignment on teams, complete chemistry revision worksheet.
History Mind Map on the Impact of Explorations.DQ
Geography Geography in the News assignment and quiz on Teams.
Opt 1 Business: Live class on Tues 11 M.T.Wood- Teams -Do overdue assignments, read feedback for returned work and do corrections JF.
Opt 2  Engineering The Drill- Assignment on Teams (JOC).  Drawing on Teams.  MT. H.Ec. Design a Healthy Snack – see Teams
Coding Assignment  in Teams- Scratch project- JF  SQ- scratch assignment on Teams

Second Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Blood Brothers play powerpoint and assignments on Teams SQ
Irish Scríobh alt ar an gcoronavíreas (Write a piece on the coronavirus – prepared in the online lesson) HL LOD
Maths Functions : Videos and Worksheets on Teams KF(OL) / Quadratic Functions 3 Powerpoints in Teams, Quiz and Assignment KL (HL) CBA1 Tidy UP!!! and Statistics Assignments on Teams (JOC)(O.L.)
French Lorcan: Assessment on Teams and online class on Tuesday at 2 (LOD)Assignment on teams DQ
Science DH – Assignment on Teams, complete worksheet on cells.  (JC)  Questions given on respiration and photosynthesis: and a summary diagram to construct .
Geography Liadhán: Soils PowerPoint on Teams – Lorcan- Secondary Ecoomic Activities one Teams   Class Labhran-Soils of Ireland-Work/Questions in Textbook & Activity Book (HN)
History Skills Book page 133 (On Teams) + History CBA 1  (History of your Locality or Place) Mr O’Keeffe.Work sheet on Easter Rising details of revised CBA is also on Teams and will be discussed in online class. DQ
Opt 1 M.T. Wood – Teams -Do overdue assignments, read feedback for returned work and do corrections JF.
Opt 2 Drawing info on Teams relating to CBA. MT. Tech Graph Q13 + Q14  and possibly Q15- Asignments on Teams(JOC)
Coding Assignment  in Teams- Scratch project- JF  HTML recap on Teams SQ


Third Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Shona – Ques 5 Remember by C. Rossetti. Venn Diagram –
Irish Question on “Spás” (HL)JCN / Scríobh dialann don seachtain – instructions on Teams (OL) LOD.
Maths Ord: Algebra Solving Equations Revision Powerpoints and Quizzes on Teams (KL), Geometry Powerpoints and Questions in Assignments on Teams KF (HL)
Science DH – Assignment on Teams, complete section A of sample paper C.  (JC) Questions given after latest lesson in teams. Topic is respiration and photosynthesis: new topic : Reaction Rates started: Questions at end of chapter given and at end of lesson in teams.
History Northern Ireland and the Troubles (Miss Stout Worksheet on Teams), Mr O’Keeffe.
Geography Examine a cold Climate pg119 Revision guidelines in Teams nh Revision on Teams SQ
Opt 1 Business Studies: Complete question on employment on One Note homework tab (UMC) M.T Wood – Teams assignments- Finish Portfolio and any overdue assignments JF.
Opt 2 Final draft of poster drawing.  MT Metalwork- Electricity Assignment on Teams- Powerpoint Pres + Questions (JOC)
Coding Finish CBA KF, KL


Fourth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Reading Comprehensions on Social media (studyclix)
Irish Scríobh alt ar an deireadh seachtaine seo caite (OL) LOD/ Alt a scríobh ar An rud is mó a thaitin liom san Idirbhliain (HL)JCN
Maths Algebra Surd and Modulus Equations with Exam Qs on Teams (KL)/co-ordinate geometry of circle questions on Teams (JB)
French Complete Work sheet on les vacances on teams.DQLa Musique Francophone Ex online/Copy MOM
Opt 1 Geography- Work assigned on Microsoft Teams
Opt 2 Drawing instructions on Onenote. MT
Opt 3
Opt 4 Physics – problems on reflection on concave and convex mirrors in Teams (JB)
Gmetrix Progress Update- Assignment on Teams (JOC)


Fifth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Reading Comprehension Questions on Studyclix / Revision of Seamus Heaney Poetry and submit paper 1 essays nh  Continue preparation for Poetry Revision Task & Reading Comprehensions – anotate a text.
French Mes Vacances Assignment and resources on teams.
Opt 1 Examine Agriculture in the BMW and Revision of Volcanoes – guidelines in teams nh Business: Question given in live class on Tuesday (UMC)/Physics Exam questions on wave experiments –> details on Teams (JB) SQ- Paris Basin Human Processes and the Growth of the city of Paris
Opt 2 World War 2, Timeline + Worksheet on Teams, Mr O’Keeffe.  Accounting: Question 1 HL pg 482 of text book (UMC)  Engineering-Workshop Forming and Finishing of Plastics/ Video and Quiz Assignments on Teams (JOC) ART-Georgian arch – Castletown House. MT.
Opt 3 Biology – Circulatory system worksheet on Teams.  Construction- Leaving cert project assignment Teams JF . Chemistry experiments x 2 and exam questions
Applied Maths Connected Particles Questions –> details on Teams (JB)

Sixth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Poetry of Robert Frost Revision. ER Eng Question on Poetry “Revelation” (OL) JCN  LW – Notes on CContext/Soc Setting
Irish Question on “Cáca Milis” (OL) JCN
Maths 2016 Paper 2 (OL) KF,  2016 Examcraft Pre Higher (KL) available on Teams, Algebra revision questions (OL) Financial Calculations revision (FL) –> details on Teams (JB)
French HL Comprehension 1 2009 and questions given following online classes on Teams (LOD)
Opt 1 Completion of GI projects and Revision suggestions in teams nh Essay on Mussolini resources on Teams HL Two Key personalities Resources on TeamsOL DQ / Mechanics Experiments (OL), Mechanics revision questions (HL) –> details on Teams (JB), OL Geography 2015 Exam Paper
Opt 2 Biology (DH) – Exam paper questions on Teams. (JC) Exam paper questions on water transport and plant tissues. Accounting 2011 Q8. (UMC) Construction-2013 exam papers JF  DCG- Assignment in Teams Section C Dynamic Mechanisms for H.L.&O.L. (JOC)
Opt 3 BUSINESS: Questions on global business in One Note homework tab (UMC) ART-Impressionist notes. MT Chemistry water titration and exam questions
Applied Maths Linear Accelerated motion questions –> details on Teams.