First Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Ardal- “Wilderness” Assignment on Teams EH
Maths Rev of number chapters – powerpoints on Teams
French LWH – complete grid on colours via OneNote
History Assignment on Causes of the Voyages of Exploration , details and resources on teams.DQ
Geography  Rivers assignment on OneNOte
Opt 1 Business: Home Insurane Powerpoint and worksheet on Teams . M.T.Wood- Assignment 1 Teams- JFHome Economics – worksheets in Teams and same worksheets sent by e.mail as well.
Opt 2 MWork Plastics&Wood Chp+PPT+Qus Assign on Teams (JOC)

Second Year

English Write three reviews on each short story. (SQ)
Irish Assignment on ‘an saol traidisiúnta’ LOD(HL)
Maths Worksheets on Teams on Patterns KF (OL)Circles3 Assignment-Teams JOC (O.L.)
French Write a blog on travelling by boat. Instructions and resources on teams.DQ
French Lorcán – Post card (LOD)Les Vacances/Postcards(MOM)
Science (JC). Questions on how to investigate the effect of coffee on heart rate.
History Create power point on the Impact of the GAA. Details and resources on teams DQ
History MOM Impact of GAA.
Geography Liadhán- Power Point on Teams (Soils) EH, Labhran-Soils-Problems & Solutions (Work in Main & Activity Book) HN Lorcan- Climate Change (detailss on Teams)
Opt 1 LWH – Activity book questions on pages 131-136.

M.T.Wood- Assignment 1 Teams- Portfolio JF.

Home Economics – worksheets in Teams and also attached to e.mail.

Opt 2 TGraph-Ellipses&Isometric Assign-Teams (JOC)

Third Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Music in Film, Shots and Camera angles, Animation, Documentaries, Short films p412 – 425
Irish Write a blog on a Ceolchoirm (HL) JCN
Maths 2019 Paper 1&2 . Proofs of Theorems KF (HL)

Pre Paper 1 2009 posted on Teams KL (OL)

French LWH – Reading and writing sample paper on OneNote  MOM  Exam paper questions on La Cuisine/Les Recettes
Science Science (JC) . Specific activities on circuits to be carried out on a downloaded site called Phet physics
Geography Rocks Revision and exam questions (SQ) Examine two contrasting regions in Ireland the BMW and GDA and dcribe under Agriculture, Industry, Transport, Tourism etc nh
Opt 1 Business: Economics questions on OneNote. M.T Wood- Assignment 1 Teams + Portfolio-JF
Opt 2 MWork Fitting&Assembly Chp+PPT+Qus Assign on Teams (JOC)

Home Economics (HL) 2014, SB, Q2; (HL) 2016, SB,

Fifth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Discussing Reading Tasks/Review of Brooklyn nh
Irish Question on Oisín i dTír na n-óg (OL) JCN    Aiste-Fadhbanna Daoine Oga/Learn Sraith Pictiuiri 1-4 (HL) HN.
Maths Revision of three Algebra chapters – powerpoints on Teams (KL).

OL –>Probability questions –> details and powerpoints on teams (JB)

Powerpoints and work on teams (MD).

French L’argent de poche/les Opinions(MOM)
Opt 1 Geo-Karst landscapes revision page on OneNote(SQ). Business: Q in OneNote homweork tab (UMC) Physics: “Waves on strings and pipes” questions – details and powerpoints JBin teams
Opt 2 Accounting: Sole Trader question in One Note.(UMC) Engineering: Brighterminds Video Revision Review -Teams Assign(JOC)
Opt 3 Construction -Assignment 1 Teams JF. Geog OL Examine the development of Manufacturing Industry in the GDA NH

Chem organic chem powerpoints and questions (MD)

Applied Maths Island Hopping and simultaneous situations questions in teams (JB)

Sixth Year

Subject Work Assigned
English Poetry question / Poetry Emily Dickinson/ Essay 2010/ Reading
Irish Revision Work from Exam Papers covering Cluastuiscinti/Scealta/Litreacha/Trialacha Tuisceana/Pros/Filiocht for 2011/2102/2013 HN (OL)
Maths 2019 Exam Paper 1 & 2 KF (OL) / Revision of Stats and Probability – Short and Long Qs on Teams (KL)/Calculus problems (OL) and geometry revision(FL)–>on Teams (JB)
French LWH – Journal intime Q. Resources to help on OneNote  MOM  Pre Paper 2018 Written/Audio (OL)
Opt 1 Geography OL (EH) 2019 Exam Paper : Physics -> mechanics Experiments (both levels) SHM Questions (HL) light waves revision (OL) –>on Teams(JB) Geog H Level Examine an urban problem in a developing world city you have studied and outline any attempts to alleviate such a problem
Opt 2 Home Economics (HL) 2010, SB, Q1, (HL)2017, SB, Q1, (OL)   DCG Wk3 Assign H.L VTH’s/ O.L. Interpen- Teams (JOC) Construction Assignment 1 Teams/2010 paper JF.
Opt 3 Art history question on Gothic sculpture in teams assignment

Chemistry online class Wednesday and exam questions (pre paper 2018 to complete)

Opt 1 History Dictatorship and Democracry Review of Hitler, material wirll be covered in class on Tuesday and assignment and resources will be posted on teams.
Applied Maths Problems on application of differential equations –>onTeams (JB)