Student Council

The aim of the Student Council is the representation of students by students.

The Student Council constitution is drawn up by the Students’ Council.

The Student Council consists of one pupil from each class in every year group.

The Council meets once a week and more if necessary. A Staff member assists and supports the students with the running of the Council. The Student Council comes up with positive initiatives for the school community and the development of the school.

Students’ Council 2021-2022

President Max Jones 5th Year

Vice President Brianna Donovan 5th Year

Secretary Lauren Ryan TY

Assistant Secretary Ozi Mbakwe TY

Public Relations 

Grace O’Reilly TY

Millie G. Lynch 1st Year


Katja Herbst 5th Year

Ethel Bateman 2nd Year


Jack Pierce 5th Year

Joey Shaw TY

Sean Nquiambe TY

Peace Nquiambe 3rd Year

Ciara Dolan 3rd Year

Adam O’Mahony 2nd Year

Olivia Lenihan 1st Year

James Barry 1st Year

Student Council Liaison Teacher: Maeve McGovern