Transition Year


Dear Transition Year Parent/Guardian,


I hope you are all keeping well and that your son/daughter are settling into school life in Transition Year.


Our full return to school will have considerable impact on how the Transition Year Programme is run this year at St. Peters. I ask for your support and understanding as we navigate these uncertain times. We will continue to proceed with the same enthusiasm and dedication for the TY programme as was the case pre Covid19 but we may encounter some changes along the way to scheduled events and activities.


Many students may experience difficulty securing work experience during the two week block just before Christmas break. For this reason the work experience programme is provisionally timetabled for a two week slot just before February mid term. If the current situation has not changed by February, students may have the opportunity to secure work experience during a two week slot before Easter break.


Many of the modules offered in TY that involve visiting tutors/presenters will be offered as an online option this year where possible. Such modules will be planned on a month by month basis and both the students and parents/guardians will be notified in advance of these activities happening.


Our annual TY school play may go ahead this year, planning for this element of the programme is at an early stage.


For the month of September, there are currently two activities planned for this year group, The Drive4Life motor safety programme is organised for Monday September 21st and Tuesday September 22nd. We have also planned a trip to Ballyhass Coachford, outdoor activity centre, for Tuesday September 29th, which will be an all day event, details of which will be discussed with all students in advance of this trip. This school trip will cost 50 euro per student which covers entry into the centre and the bus journey. Payment can be made through our Way2Pay online system and should be paid on or before Monday September 21st, 2020.


We look forward to engaging with our Transition Year students and building on their progress from Junior Cycle. We will continue to have high expectations for our students in terms of attendance, punctuality and of course participation in all class work and all activities. Positive attitudes lead to positive outcomes.


Our Transition Year Team are:


Transition Year Year Head:                                      Ms. Jennifer Creedon

Transition Year Programme Co-ordinator:           Ms. Frances Clarke


Class Saoirse class tutor:                                         Ms. Martina Drohan

Class Shona class tutor:                                           Ms. Lorraine Walsh

Class Sorcha class tutor:                                          Mr. James Fitzgerald


If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me at


Yours sincerely,


Frances Clarke

Transition Year Programme Co-ordinator.

Transition Year in St. Peter’s is an action packed year that balances the academic and the non academic aspects of school life.


Transition Year Activities

Transition Year is compulsory for all students in St. Peter’s. The academic component involves taking senior Leaving Certificate subjects – the compulsory subjects of English, Irish, Maths and French which works in harmony along a carousel system for the option subjects. This means that all Transition Year Students have the opportunity to try all the option subjects during the year before they choose their option subjects for the Leaving Cert.

Transition Year students can also look forward to work experience. This takes place in a two week period before the Christmas Holidays. Students work in an area of interest and explore the opportunites that their chosen work experience provides.

Some of the many educational, interesting & diverse activites involved in the busy year include:

  • Young Enterprise Mini-Companies
  • Public Speaking
  • Gaisce Awards
  • Music and Drama Production
  • P.A.L. Programme (Public access to Law)
  • Sports
  • Life Skills and Health Education
  • Communications Module
  • School Bank
  • Programmes e.g.
  • Drive for Life,
  • GAA Coaching
  • Road Safety Road-Show.